Financial Leasing

Partner Law Office Kosic is, acknowledging the importance and future of leasing, as an institute, defended the first PhD thesis in the field of leasing the year 2000, which was the basis and starting point for drafting the Law on financial leasing and building the institutions of the lease.


Law Office Kosic participated in the preparation of a series of programs for operational and financial leasing. The uniqueness of this practice is reflected in a number of court cases for cross border leasing arrangements, as well as problems and realization of the financial leasing.


Some of the court rulings were the basis for the formation of significant practice of the courts in the area of financial leasing and the establishment of standards.


The practice of large leasing arrangement involves multidisciplinary knowledge of customs and ownership regimes and special means of security particularly in operating leases.


Significant is the practical application at the lease of goods which is in a constant motion and the possibility of exercising the rights of the parties in contested situations.

Law Office Kosic

The permanent team of Law Office Kosic are highly professional and experienced individuals with education acquired in the country and abroad who are engaged as attorneys, legal trainees, lawyers, professional consultants and associates. Depending on the specific request of the client, the team is made of individuals who are, in a professional and efficient manner, always ready to respond to requests.

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