Intelectual Property Law

Law Office Kosic includes one of the largest groups of IP lawyers with longstanding experience in various stages of access to intellectual property and technology and practices of the same in the Serbian market.


Distinguished professors and lawyers have developed models and protective strategies to help clients execute timely care, manage risk, to continue the growth and protect the market share of Serbia and the region. We understand the commercial issues and pressures that arise from IP disputes or related rights.


We negotiate and provide innovative and strategic solutions for copyright. Of particular importance is the large practice in litigation.


Office has specially constructed the practice in representing clients in copyright protection, especially in the fashion and textile industry with remarkable results.


Using multidisciplinary teams, models are created to assist clients in various technologies, as well as representation in areas such as applications, requests for the protection of patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Law Office Kosic

The permanent team of Law Office Kosic are highly professional and experienced individuals with education acquired in the country and abroad who are engaged as attorneys, legal trainees, lawyers, professional consultants and associates. Depending on the specific request of the client, the team is made of individuals who are, in a professional and efficient manner, always ready to respond to requests.

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